To all of our fans on Facebook:

The staff of EU would like to extend a warm invitation to every one of you to come join our game. We would like you to join so badly, EU's owner is willing to spend nearly $75 of her own personal money to entice the Fans to join!

Every fan on Facebook is invited to join and play. 

Every qualified member that signs up between March 26, 2010, and April 23, 2010 will be entered into a drawing to receive one of 3 Prepaid $25.00 Visa Gift Cards.  

The cards will be awarded during the week of May 2nd, 2010 through May 7th, 2010.

Rules of Entry:

1) To be eligible for entry, the entrant must (a) be both a fan of the Equus Unlimited (EU) Facebook page and a registered member on the EU message board by no later than Midnight (Pacific Time) on April 23, 2010; (b) have shown to be an active player (IE; Active Playing) in the time following joining.

1.2) "Active Playing" is defined by (a) posting a minimum of 10 posts per week for the initial 2 weeks after joining; (b) created at least 2 horses, and following up with all game requirements for the creation of horses (IE; vet, board, farrier, feed); (c) entered into at minimum 2 shows; (d) making a reasonable effort to become a productive and supportive member of the game. 

2) All entrants will be at minimum 14 years of age or older. Those that are younger than the age of 18 must receive a parent or guardians permission to receive the Gift Card, if chosen as a winner. 

3) Winners will be chosen at random the week of May 2, 2010. All eligible players will be assigned a random number. The time that the winning numbers will be chosen will be announced on the board and the Facebook Page 3 weeks prior to the actual drawing. The numbers will be chosen by the randomizer software at A screenshot will be taken of the winning numbers picked and posted publicly. 

 Winners will be notified of their win either by email or by personal message on the message board. Entrants will not need to be present online on the message board at the time of giveaway to win. 

4) Once winners are picked, the three people receiving the gift cards will be asked to give the owner of Equus Unlimited their address so the Gift Card may be mailed out. A receipt of purchase will be mailed with the Gift Card as well as a letter of congratulations. Cards will be mailed through US Postal Service, Certified Mail. A signature will be required for receipt. 

5) All EU members, staff, (and the owner :D ), that had joined EU prior to the date of March 26th, 2010 will not be eligible for entry. 

6) Non US members are not just allowed to join, but encouraged to join :). Both currently and in the past, EU has enjoyed players from countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, England, Canada, and South America. We welcome all flags and see no borders. (All we ask is that the person interested in joining have at least a basic understanding of the English Language. This is only because it takes a very long time to decipher what a person is saying through one of the online translators :D. )

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