So you have decided to join our game? GREAT. Here's what to do:

1. Read the Rules and Terms Of Service. Failure to follow any of these can get you tossed from the
 game. We expect "G" rated ALL THE TIME. The staff have a zero tolerance for breaking these rules. So don't do it.

 2. Are you 14 or 15 years old, or younger? Don't worry, its not a bad thing, but if you are, we require the extra step of sending a welcome and notification email to your parent(s). So you will need to provide a parents email address.  (We always find out those who are dishonest, so please don't lie.) You will NOT be able to play until we receive permission back. Ages 16 and up may skip this step. Oh, and no exceptions to this rule, sorry.

3. Send us an an application email with the questions listed below copied and answered fully. Incomplete applications will be discarded. 

Please make sure you title the subject line "JOIN". Your application will not be processed otherwise. 

4. Wait for a reply (usually between 1-3 days). If approved, you may create an account on the forums. If you create an account prior to the welcome email your account may not be validated.

5. Start playing EU!

See you on the inside!

Copy and Paste the Following and send to  Please remember to type "join" for the subject line.

How old are you?

If you are 14 or YOUNGER than 14 please provide your parents email. You will not be allowed to join without it.

What is your first name?

Your email please?

Have you read and understood the Rules & Terms and Conditions?

What is one thing you remember from the rules?

What is one thing that will cause you to get banned from the game?

Have you ever been or are you active now in either other games or All-Sim?

Where did you hear about our game? 

(updated 10/2/2012)

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