We don't have many rules but the ones we have are quite important to know.

1. All players MUST, by US law, be 13 years and older. Our game does not accept younger than 13 years old. 

IF you are 13 or 14 years old, we MUST have your parents permission for you to play. This is not law, but EU's own rules. 

2. EU is not a role play game. While we have a role play section keep in mind it is a very small part of the game. When it comes to making up stories about your horses, we love reading them, but keep it clean. Adult themes/topics will get you banned. Our board and game is "G" rated and I fully intend on keeping it that way. No cursing on the board, no talk of drugs or anything like that. 

For the adults over 18, there is a section of the board that is anything goes (save for the foul language filter for the entire board). It is password protected and a place that is safe for adults to talk about things that aren't allowed on other parts of the board.

3. NO double accounts. Me, the owner, (Beth) fixes computers for a living. I do silly things at work like trace IP addresses. The IP address is like your home address but for your computer. The message board we use for the game automatically knows what your computer's IP address is every time you log in. I can see these IP's. If 2 accounts show the same IP address, I'll start asking a lot of questions. Its not fair to the other players to create two accounts and you will get caught and you won't be allowed to play anymore. So just don't do it. 

4. Be nice to people. We are a community of people that don't flame each other, troll, bully each other, call each other names, or fight. EU has NEVER been that way, and never will. Some of us players have known each other for years and we've stayed friends for years because of this.

5. Ask questions and have fun! If you don't understand something, ask! There are plenty of us that have been around for long enough to know just about everything there is to know about EU. 

6. All the general rules of society and school apply. Follow them and nobody will ever be banned! 

7. Leet speak (typing in combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols IE: L33T 5p3@k is Leet Speak) is not allowed. NeItHeR iS tYpInG lIkE tHiS. Nor is Text Talk (R U thr?) allowed either. Do this once, you'll be asked to not do it again. Do it consistently, and you'll be banned. Strict, yes I know, but since I was almost an english teacher, correct (or mostly correct) english, is required on the message boards. I don't expect every word to be spelled correctly, nor punctuation to be 100% correct... but please type in actual real words so that we may all understand what you mean. I'm old fashioned, and I like reading words made of letters... not numbers or symbols.

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